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Here is our collection of patriotic backgrounds for stationary. Background images are usually best if they are blurred, subtle, a limited range on the grayscale or monochromatic (e.g., just shades of blue). The text can be made large, set in a contrasting color or set off in a solid color box.

These graphics (in gif and jpg formats) are intended to be printed out on paper, but they make mighty fine backgrounds for email, html web site pages and powerpoint presentations. Go boldly, my welcome visitor and use these designs in your blog or as templates or clipart for a presentation! They can be tiled or used as a repeating border! Oh, lordy, the possibilities are giving me the vapors!

These background graphics can also be used as for pc screensavers, desktop themes, powerpoint presentations, web pages, email, double layouts for myspace. They are free to download and print out for noncommercial use.

Patriotic eagle as a background

Patriotic flag background

Statue of Liberty

Vintage flag


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Free printable backgrounds as downloadable gif and jpeg images for thank you notes, invitations, fancy elegant background stationary with borders, elegant downloadable background stationery for printed cards letters, envelope and letter size background. Other spellings: wall paper, back grounds, clipart, tile. Adjectives that describe our artwork: cute, awesome, cool, pretty, best, retro, color black and white.



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