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Create cool spheres with this technique

Step 1: Create a 500x500px file with a black background.

Step 2: Select Filter>Render>Lens Flare with the settings shown below:

Step 3: Create a second lens flare with these settings:

Step 4: Now hit CTRL+J and then select Filter>Render>Clouds. Adjust the opacity to your liking.

Step 5: Select Filter>Sketch>Plastic Wrap for the same layer with the settings indicated.
Use Color Dodge for the blending mode and adjust opacity.

Step 6: Your image will look something like this:

Step 7: Select all (Ctrl+A) and copy the entire image (CTRL+C); this will store a copy of the entire image in memory to be used shortly.
Now deselect (CTRL+D).

Step 8: Notice that you have created many circles.
Use the Ellipse Marquee Tool to make a circle as shown below.

Step 9: Now paste the entire image, which was copied to the clipboard in step 7, into the same circle (CTRL+SHIFT+V).
Make sure you change the size (using CTRL+T) like shown below and apply when you're done.

Step 10: Create a new layer below this one and Merge the top layer onto your new layer.
Select the circle again and then use Filter>Distort>Spherize as shown in the figure:

Step 11: You can adjust the saturation, hue, etc to the spheres. Here is a sample end result: